Roller Coasters of The Pacific Northwest
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Gallery Updated: November 10, 2010

ACE Day at Silverwood 2008

Coaster's 50th Birthday Event
ACE 2001 Regional Event

Coaster Thrill Ride
Rebuild Project (Summer 2011)
Rebuild Project (November 7, 2010)
Puyallup Coaster's 75th Birthday
Lisa on Puyallup Coaster (July, 2010)
Spring Fair 2010
September Fair 2009
Rebuild Project (October, 2009)
Rebuild Project (September, 2009)
Rebuild Project (August, 2009)
Rebuild Project (July, 2009)
Rebuild Project (June, 2009)
Rebuild Project (April-May, 2009)
Puyallup Spring Fair 2009
Puyallup Spring Fair 2006
ACE 2004 Summer Conference
Puyallup Spring 2003
Puyallup Spring Fair 2001

ACE Day at Silverwood 2008

Riverfront Park 2008

Puyallup Spring Fair 2009

Monster Mouse
Puyallup Spring Fair 2009
Puyallup September Fair 2003
Puyallup Spring Fair 2003

POV Onboard July 2010
Opening year Summer 2003

Timber Terror
Coaster Alley Convergence 2005
Summer 2003
Summer 2002 and 1999

Tiny Toot
Coaster Alley Convergence 2005

Coaster Alley Convergence 2005
ACE Summer Conference 2001
Tremors opening year 1999

ACE Summer Conference 2004
Puyallup Fair 2003

Evergreen State Fair 2005

September Fair 2009
(September 11, opening day)

The unpainted sections of the coaster were the areas that went
through an extensive overhaul as part of the rebuild.

Puyallup coaster's new rebuild sign
The new rebuild sign
First drop on Puyallup coaster shows new wood 2009
First drop POV
POV on Puyallup coaster's newly remodeled sections
POV front seat
Riders on Puyallup coaster's south turn
South turn
POV Puyallup coaster facing north turn 2009
POV north turn
Panoramic of Puyallup coaster 2009
Panoramic view
Cresting first drop on Puyallup coaster 2009
Cresting first drop
Panoramic view of Puyallup coaster's south turn 2009
South turn
Train taking plunge on down third hill 2009
Third hill
Another panoramic view 2009
Panoramic view
Panoramic view on Puyallup coaster facing south turn
Facing south turn
Panoramic view of entire coaster 2009
Coaster's layout