Roller Coasters of The Pacific Northwest
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Defunct Coasters Updated: March 28, 2011

Alaska yukon pacific Exposition,
Seattle, WA
Scenic Railway - 1909-1909

Columbia Gardens, Butte, MT
Roller Coaster - 1906-1974

Council Crest, Portland, OR
Scenic Railway - 1905-1926

gayway park, seaside, OR
Roller Coaster - 1953-1983?
Wild Mouse - 1953?-1983?

gayway/Fun Forest, Seattle, WA
Broadway Trip - 1962-1962
Wild Mouse - 1962-1964
Wild Mouse - 1965-1971

Happyland, Vancouver, BC
Giant Dipper - 1925-1947
Baby Dipper - 1928-1944

Hastings park, Vancouver, BC
Coaster (Dip The Dips) - 1915-1924

Jantzen Beach, Portland, OR
Big Dipper - 1928-1970
Whirlwind - 1929-195?

julia davis fun depot, boise, id
Mad Mouse - 1991-2002

Lotus Isle, Portland, OR
Alpine Scenic Railway - 1930-1931

Luna Park, Seattle, WA
Great Figure 8 - 1905-1913

Nat Park, Spokane, WA
Figure 8/Scenic Railway - 1905-1919
Jack Rabbit - 1920-1968

Oaks Park, Portland, OR
Scenic Railway - 19?-19?
Figure 8 - 1905?-19?
Zip - 1927-1934
Mad Mouse - 1959-1976?
Monster Mouse - 1977-1994

Playland, Coeur d'Alene, ID
Kiddie Coaster - 1942-1974

Playland, Seattle, WA
Dipper - 1930-1961

Playland, Vancouver, BC
Little Dipper - 1958-197?
Mad Mouse - 1958-1964?
Monster Mouse - 1965-1971?
Super Big Gulp - 1972-1994
Wild Mouse - 1979-2008

puyallup fair, puyallup, wa
Mad Mouse - 195?-196?
Mad Mouse - 196?-197?
(Both coasters no longer run at fair)

Santafair, federal way, wa
Stratoboggan - 1961-1973
(Later operated at Puyallup Fair as
Mad Mouse)

Stanley Park , Vancouver, BC
Dips - 1913-1923?

White City, Bellingham, Wa
Roller Coaster - 1906-1912

White City, Seattle, WA
Roller Coaster - 1908-1912

White City, Vancouver, bc
Dips - 1926-19?
(Operated at Hastings Park)

Jack Rabbit, Natatorium Park, Spokane, WA

Jack Rabbit profile
Jack Rabbit profile
Riders on Jack Rabbit
Riders on Jack Rabbit

Natatorium Park pennant thumbnail
Coaster pennant

The Jack Rabbit (pictured above), was a John Miller design and opened in 1920 and replaced the Figure 8/Scenic Railway coaster. For 10 cents you could have "the ride of your life" on the Jack Rabbit.

Jack Rabbit was described by some fans as Natatorium's best ride. In the book Dear Old Nat..Spokane's Playground, a detailed description of the ride is outlined:

"The ride went something like this:

Thrill seekers enter a building, where they climb into cars set on a metal track - six people to a car, two or three cars to each train. "The brake is released, the car starts rolling, turns left into a tunnel, picks up speed...faster and faster, then bang! It cracks to the left and out of the tunnel!" says Mark Blumhagen. From there, the train engages a chain hoist to begin its tantalizing ascent, followed by the heart-stopping free fall and a series of smaller undulations. The trains pulls into the station one-and-a-half minutes after setting out on it harrowing journey."

Though Jack Rabbit was considered the park's most popular ride and was enjoyed by many patrons, it was also considered "unsturdy" and "unsafe". Some said that the trains reached a speed of 70 miles an hour and was billed as "the fatest racing coaster in the world." The coaster was eventually razed and burned on site when the park closed in the spring of 1968.

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