Roller Coasters of The Pacific Northwest
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Resources Updated: March 29, 2011

Playland ad from 1977 PNE booklet
Playland Seattle 1953 advertisement

Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition
Butte's Pride - The Columbia ...
Clark County History 2008
Dear Old Nat...Sokane's Playground
Doin' The Puyallup
Great American Amusement Parks
Guide to Ride 2000
Harry G. Traver: Legends of Terror
Herbert P. Schmeck Forgotten Legacy
Memories of Columbia Gardens
Once Upon A Time In Playland
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The Incredibla Scream Machine
The Pacific National Exhibition
Vancouver: A History in Photographs
Vanishing Seattle

Jantzen Beach Park ~ 1940's

On The Midway ~ Puyallup Fair 2007

DVDs and Videos
Finding Playland
Remember When: Nat Park
Remembering The Columbia...
Great Old Amusement Parks
PNE ~ 1958

RollerCoaster! #113 ~ Spring 2010
RollerCoaster! #88 ~ Winter 2004
RollerCoaster! #47 ~ Fall 1993
Sunset Magazine ~ July 1976
Sunset Magazine ~ June 1962
Unwind Sunday Magazine 2008

Souvineer Fair Programs:
Rip Snortin'-Fun! 1983
Whooopitup 1977
The Western Washington Fair 1973
50th Western Washington Fair...

Columbia Gardens Roller Coaster
Western Washington Fair Midway
Jack Rabbit at Nat Park
The Fun Forest

Photos and Postcards:
Happyland amusement rides
Jantzen Beach display
Playland Roller Coaster 1960s
Alaska Yukon Pacific Tickler ride
Puyallup Fair Carnival Town WWII
Fun-Tastic Rides Amusements sign
Old Mill and Caterpillar Ride
Puyallup Coaster and Rides 1930's
Puyallup Fair Midway early 1970's
Restored Scooter & Whip Car
Restored & Unrestored Old Mill Boat

Jantzen Beach display ~
Jantzen Beach Super Center

Jantzen Beach display
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Jantzen Beach Big Dipper chain link
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Jantzen Beach advertisement
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Jantzen Beach color advertisement
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Jantzen Beach C. W. Parker Carousel
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Caption and history:
Pictured above is a wonderful display of photos and artifacts from Jantzen Beach Amusement Park. Inside the case are also two chain links from the Big Dipper roller coaster's lift hill. The Jantzen Beach Mall also offers large mural paintings that depict original advertisements from this beloved park. Along with the murals is also the original C. W. Parker Carousel that operated at the park from its opening in 1928 to its closure in 1970. As of 2011, there is speculation as to if or when the Mall will close. However, when this does happen, the carousel does have a potential home it will be relocated to so that folks can still enjoy it.