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Gallery Updated: November 10, 2010

ACE Day at Silverwood 2008

Coaster's 50th Birthday Event
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ACE Day at Silverwood 2008

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Coaster Alley Convergence 2005
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Coaster's 50th Birthday Event ~ June 17, 2008
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Free rides on Coaster for 50th birthday Coaster's birthday cake
Presentation gift for ACE Presentation gift to Nina Fraley
Nina Fraley and deputy mayor's ride on Coaster Nina Fraley and others at end of Coaster ride
Closeup of ACE commemoration NIna Fraley and daughter Jennifer

On Tuesday, June 17, 2008, Playland held a special event to celebrate Coaster's 50th birthday. Everyone was invited.

Free rides were offered on Coaster from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. to the public which delighted many local fans and coaster enthusiasts alike. In fact some locals were so excited they lined up to ride prior to the opening of the festivities.

Special folks who attended included: Vancouver's Mayor Sam Sullivan who designated Coaster as a site of "special significance" to the city, PNE president and CEO Michael McDaniel, (Coaster's designer, Carl Phare's daughter) Nina Fraley and her granddaughter Jennifer Juelich, City Councillor Kim Capri and Deputy Mayor Suzanne Anton.

'After proclaiming June 17 Playland Wooden Coaster Day, the deputy mayor took her first ride on Vancouver's landmark attraction. "It was an absolute thrill to be on it. It was so much fun," Anton, smiling ear-to-ear, told media after her wild ride.'

During the festivities, McDaniel presented a special commemoration gift to ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts) as an expression of thanks for their ongoing support to the preservation of the ride. Steve Gzesh, the Northwest Regional Rep for ACE, accepted it on ACE's behalf.

And, the event wasn't complete without a beautifully decorated large cake with a cake piece replica of a wooden coaster on top.

Needless to say, Coaster's 50th birthday was a great success and a lot of fun. And it doesn't look it will be going anywhere in the near future. "This historic roller-coaster, with all its creaks and groans and stomach-stopping excitement - it has to stay here for another 50 years," said Anton."

To learn a little more about Playland Coaster's birthday visit The Vancouver Sun's article, Rolling With The Coaster At 50.