Roller Coasters of The Pacific Northwest
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Defunct Coasters Updated: March 28, 2011

Alaska yukon pacific Exposition,
Seattle, WA
Scenic Railway - 1909-1909

Columbia Gardens, Butte, MT
Roller Coaster - 1906-1974

Council Crest, Portland, OR
Scenic Railway - 1905-1926

gayway park, seaside, OR
Roller Coaster - 1953-1983?
Wild Mouse - 1953?-1983?

gayway/Fun Forest, Seattle, WA
Broadway Trip - 1962-1962
Wild Mouse - 1962-1964
Wild Mouse - 1965-1971

Happyland, Vancouver, BC
Giant Dipper - 1925-1947
Baby Dipper - 1928-1944

Hastings park, Vancouver, BC
Coaster (Dip The Dips) - 1915-1924

Jantzen Beach, Portland, OR
Big Dipper - 1928-1970
Whirlwind - 1929-195?

julia davis fun depot, boise, id
Mad Mouse - 1991-2002

Lotus Isle, Portland, OR
Alpine Scenic Railway - 1930-1931

Luna Park, Seattle, WA
Great Figure 8 - 1905-1913

Nat Park, Spokane, WA
Figure 8/Scenic Railway - 1905-1919
Jack Rabbit - 1920-1968

Oaks Park, Portland, OR
Scenic Railway - 19?-19?
Figure 8 - 1905?-19?
Zip - 1927-1934
Mad Mouse - 1959-1976?
Monster Mouse - 1977-1994

Playland, Coeur d'Alene, ID
Kiddie Coaster - 1942-1974

Playland, Seattle, WA
Dipper - 1930-1961

Playland, Vancouver, BC
Little Dipper - 1958-197?
Mad Mouse - 1958-1964?
Monster Mouse - 1965-1971?
Super Big Gulp - 1972-1994
Wild Mouse - 1979-2008

puyallup fair, puyallup, wa
Mad Mouse - 195?-196?
Mad Mouse - 196?-197?
(Both coasters no longer run at fair)

Santafair, federal way, wa
Stratoboggan - 1961-1973
(Later operated at Puyallup Fair as
Mad Mouse)

Stanley Park , Vancouver, BC
Dips - 1913-1923?

White City, Bellingham, Wa
Roller Coaster - 1906-1912

White City, Seattle, WA
Roller Coaster - 1908-1912

White City, Vancouver, bc
Dips - 1926-19?
(Operated at Hastings Park)

Scenic Railway, Council Crest, Portland, OR

Scenic Railway thumbnail
Scenic Railway
Council Crest Crowds and Coaster thumbnail
Crowds and coaster
Council Crest Dreamland thumbnail
Council Crest Dreamland thumbnail
Coaster and Canal Boats
Council Crest Scenic Railway and Trip Up Columbia Canal boat
Scenic Railway and Scenic Boat

Council Crest, "The Dreamland of the Northwest", was a beautiful amusement park that was located on the Southwest side of Portland, OR. Above are pictures of the LA Scenic Railway coaster that was designed by La Marcus Adna Thompson who was known as the "Father of the Gravity Ride," inventor of the American roller coaster.

Besides the roller coaster, other attractions at the park consisted of a Scenic Paddleboat, Observation Tower, Columbia Gorge Riverboat, Trip Up The Columbia Canal Boat, Dance Pavilion, Ferris Wheel, Carousel, and Miniature Railway. In 1925 a Fun House was added to the park. Admission to this "Pleasure Palace" cost adults 25 cents and children 10 cents to enjoy an assortment of amusements such as a Giant Slide, Barrel of Fun, Ocean Waves, and a Joy Wheel.

Council Crest was also considered the highest point in Portland above sea level at about 1073 feet. People from the Portland area could visit this lovely park by trolley or car. There was no admission or parking fee which seemed to be common with most Northwest parks.

After a couple of decades, Council Crest Amusement Park closed on Labor Day in 1929. The onset of the Depression and financial losses of the park encouraged this decision.

What remains of Council Crest are two trolley cars that originally ran lines from Portland to Council Crest in the 1920's. Built in 1904, both cars (503, 506) came from a series of 10 cars . These two can be found at The Oregon Electric Railway Museum, in Brooks, Oregon.

You can also ride almost exact replicas of four of the trolleys (cars 511-514) in downtown Portland on Sundays between Lloyd Center and 11th Ave. for a donation fee. In 1991, The Portland Vintage Trolley Company received these replicas and have made it possible for locals and tourists to enjoy these and help bring a part of history back to life.